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Friday, October 05, 2007

Hasil Test Tickle di tanggal 5/10/2007 sore hari


Sore menunggu teman pulang yang sedang beberes, kucobalah test di tickle. Temanya What shapes your personality?? & here is the result :

katanya : my personality is shaped by social nature. Ini lambang gambarnya :

Trus, isi tulisannya begini :People like you who are strong in Social skills are energized by active involvement in events and in the world around them. You probably enjoy being engaged in a wide variety of activities that keep you "on the go." You're likely to move into action and to make things happen more naturally than some. In addition, you feel at home in most environments and with most people, which makes you easy to be around.

Let's say, for example, that Sheila's dominant personality type is also Social. Because of this winning quality, she is highly valued and sought after when new projects are forming at work. Her colleagues want her on their teams because they know she is a go-getter and works well in groups. In fact, her well-honed networking skills and her natural ability to draw many friends and acquaintances help her land interesting projects.

When Sheila was laid off, she immediately swung into action and started looking for work. In addition to passive job search methods, such as answering want ads, she employed several active methods. She told her former colleagues and all of her friends that she was available and looking for work. She went to local networking events for people in her field. She even started volunteering at a local nonprofit charity, so she would be putting her time to good use and also because she just enjoyed being around other people while her husband was at work. A few months later, Sheila landed a great job she had heard about through a friend of one of the other volunteers at the charity — a contact Sheila would not have made if she weren't such Social type!

While being Social does have its benefits, there are some less positive tendencies associated with being so active and externally oriented. You may find that you don't think things through thoroughly enough before you jump into them. You might also find that you are doing things for the sake of not sitting still, without having any real intentions. If you are troubled by these tendencies, try taking time out to reflect on your life a little bit each day, perhaps in the form of yoga, meditation, or journal writing.

Trus dijelasin lagi my individual mix of personality types :

In addition to analyzing your presiding personality type, Tickle measured the levels you possess of all eight Jungian-based personality typologies. By looking at your scores on the various scales, you can gain a fuller understanding of the subtleties of your unique personality.

We each exhibit all of these eight types to different degrees and in different instances of our lives. However, as individuals, we generally show a preference for some over others. Some people strive to find balance by trying to raise their scores in their lower-scoring areas, while others prefer to shape their lives around what they naturally do best. This is a personal choice and, now that you know more about your psychological makeup, you are better prepared to make that decision. It's up to you to decide the kind of life you want to live!

You scored 7 on the Social scale. This scale measures the extent to which like relating to the external world around you. 70% of the general population gets high scores on this scale.

You scored 7 on the Intuitive scale. This scale measures the extent to which you like to process information through abstract thought. 30% of the general population gets high scores on this scale.

You scored 7 on the Organized scale. This scale measures the extent to which you like your life to be organized and planned in advance. 50% of the general population gets high scores on this scale.

You scored 6 on the Fair scale. This scale measures the extent to which you like to base your judgments on objective fact. 60% of the general population gets high scores on this scale.

You scored 6 on the Expressive scale. This scale measures the extent to which you value spontaneity and an open-structured existence. 50% of the general population get high scores on this scale.

You scored 5 on the Logical scale. This scale measures the extent to which you like to process information through your five senses. 70% of the general population gets high scores on this scale.

You scored 5 on the Compassionate scale. This scale measures the extent to which you like to base judgments on what you, subjectively, believe to be right. 40% of the general population gets high scores on this scale.

You scored 5 on the Reflective scale. This scale measures the extent to which you like to relate to the internal world within you. 30% of the general population gets high scores on this scale.

Trus ada Take Action nya :
If you decide that you would like to develop some of your less-strong types, try the following five-step method:
1. Identify the type you would most like to develop. You may choose one that you already score well in, or you may choose to develop a lower-scoring type.
2. Read the short description about the mix of qualities in this type and think about the ways that it describes you and the ways that it doesn't.
3. Draw a line down the center of a piece of paper. On one side of the line, write all of the things you already do that exhibit that type. On the other side, write down all of the things that you could do in your life that would express this quality more than you currently do.
4. Visualize yourself in a situation in which you are exhibiting this type. The more you visualize how you want to change and grow, the more likely it is that this change will occur.
5. Keep the list you created in step three in a place where you will see it often. Perhaps by a mirror or on your refrigerator. Even if you think you don't see it, your subconscious mind will pick up on it.

Ada juga How Others See You
When it comes to the image that you project to others, you tend to be seen as a creative or artistic person. Your sensitivity to and appreciation of art or beauty set you apart from the crowd. Whether or not you are skilled in artistic or musical endeavors, people tend to turn to you for a creative outlook or approach to life.

Embrace your inner power to express your experiences in an original way. Whether you are inclined toward the fine arts or you enjoy creative thinking, cooking, dancing, or any number of other forms of expression, you have the imagination it takes to produce great works of originality.

Selanjutnya, Your Personal Outlook
When it comes to the way you see yourself fitting into the world around you, you exhibit a good sense of optimism. You prefer to see life from a positive perspective rather than a negative one, more so than many people. Optimism is the feeling that good things are permanent and that bad things can only get better over time. You tend to believe that good will inevitably win out over evil, that negative things are only temporary, and that the positive aspects of your life are the result of your efforts.

While you may not feel optimistic every waking moment of your life, for the most part you are an optimistic person — and there is power in your optimism. When a skeptic would give up, you keep trying because you believe in yourself and the power of positive thinking. With optimism, you allow yourself to see possibilities and take chances, and these allowances can become incredible resources in less happy times.

Dan terakhir, ada Your Life Focus :
The thing that encourages you most in life — the thing that makes you get up and take action — is the potential you see to make sure your future will be stable, secure, and known. You are probably concerned with stability in many different facets of your life. You take comfort in knowing you're prepared for your future and as such, you take the necessary steps to make your life more predictable. Whether it means setting up a good savings account, educating yourself so you're prepared for your next job, or physically safeguarding your home with alarms and new storm windows, you are on task to make your life secure. It's not that you can't cope with adversity; it's just that you prefer to be prepared for it.

Yah itulah...
Salah satu bentuk test. Satu yang kuyakini, bahwa tiap individu itu punya karakter unik dan dynamic. Mungkin hasil test ku yang sekarang kaya gini. Entah di lain waktu, lain kondisi, bisa jadi aku berubah. Tidak ada yang paling tau diri kita kecuali Pencipta kita. Bahkan diri kita pun harus terus berkenalan dengan diri sendiri, untuk terus tau karakter kita sendiri. Hm... ya, manusia berubah. Suatu saat, kita mungkin kaget menjumpai diri kita yang sekarang jauh berbeda dengan diri kita 5 atau 10 tahun yang lalu, atau bahkan jauh berbeda dengan diri kita yang kemarin.

OK deyh... selamat bertaaruf dengan diri sendiri. Jangan lupa minta guidance sama Pemilik yang Haq atas diri kita yah.

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