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Bagai kumpulan text, perlu ruang kosong untuk dapat membacanya dengan jelas.

Bagai lokasi, perlu jarak untuk membuatnya tidak sesak.

Bagai runutan peristiwa, perlu jeda untuk mampu mengenang episode yang sudah dilalui.

Bagai gerak, perlu kejap tarikan nafas untuk terus melaju

Saturday, February 18, 2006

LIFE IS FREE (Inspiring by Arkana’s Title Song) & LIFE IS CHOOSING PROCESS

Right …
We are free to decide what we want to
Because God is freely create us as a perfect creature
Like Coelho said, sometimes we made our selves as slaves of convenience
That is a proof that we are not free as what supposed to be

We are allowed to make up our mind
To choose the A or B choice
There is no good or bad choice
There are only consequences of those choices

The problem is …
How good is your self able to face off the consequences?

The thing that you choose right now
Affect your tomorrow life path
Next year, century, or next generation
Then your unimagination day (day of resurrection)

Take your time as much as you can
To choose the choice that you thing you are able to face off the consequences

February, 18th 2006. In my cozy room inside, and cool night outside
The day when I start to think the choices I have taken

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