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Bagai kumpulan text, perlu ruang kosong untuk dapat membacanya dengan jelas.

Bagai lokasi, perlu jarak untuk membuatnya tidak sesak.

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Bagai gerak, perlu kejap tarikan nafas untuk terus melaju

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is there Any Chance ?


At 11 AM, I had an interview invitation on a small company. The co is doing supplying things for oil n gas company. It took place at Blk M area.

And... It was terrible n horrible that I just hardly telling and remembering the things went.

I hate to remember that I was speechless answering the questions from "her".

"Her = The HR of the company, with a fluent way of English spoken. he..he.. I just wander if her husband is a 'bule'.

Its required a senior position who has experiment in dealing with export and import, well known about the situation and condition in Port. O My God. Look at me !!! Non of those experience comes in my CV. I thought I was embarrassing myself by 'selling' none of my capability to join that company. A bit sad about that. 'Alla Kulli Hal... It's over

Anyway, I (try to always) thank ALLAH for today, for the interview. I don't think I can't fulfill its KPI if I join them. I am now a mother of (almost) a year lovely handsome boy, and still breastfeeding him (I dream about breastfeed him until his 2nd year). Maybe I got stress during the high load of the job there, that can impact my quantity of the breastmilk.


on my desk, at 3 PM.
27 Oct 2009. (2 days after my 29th milad)

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