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Bagai kumpulan text, perlu ruang kosong untuk dapat membacanya dengan jelas.

Bagai lokasi, perlu jarak untuk membuatnya tidak sesak.

Bagai runutan peristiwa, perlu jeda untuk mampu mengenang episode yang sudah dilalui.

Bagai gerak, perlu kejap tarikan nafas untuk terus melaju

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obsessed by Books


Am I obsessed or what? Books are my pleasure. I don't care about having a new model of blouse or veil. But books??? OMG... If I could, I'd be travelling around the world seeking the incomplete books of my collection.

Yesterday I did my sightseeing at Toko Buku Gunung Agung Jakarta. Just acoompanied my Friend, Diah. And you know... I spent IDR 248 K for Bu Siti Fadillah Supari Book and Paulo Coelho's Eleven Minutes. And know... I'm still having my fever coz I release the classic story Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. What an amazed world.

Do I consider a sick person ??? Ohh.. Not really. I'm not that freak, coz I'm constrainted by the money I have. he..he.. And, in the financial strategic, I've never read about 'Give the solid definition that can split your needs and willing on books'. oh yea?? hm... dunow.

WA Lt.11 11.50 AM 28/2/2008

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