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Friday, February 15, 2008

The Language of Love [Spouses Preview]


It's not about a million time saying I LOVE YOU to the one we admire. No.... Because it's to easy, even a cool-less-expressive person can do it.

It's very easy to understand our spouse through the language of love when he / she is showing their Pluses points. In the contrary, we sometimes dismiss all the good of our spouse when he/she did something ehm.. miserable. And in this case, the conprehensive of language of love is needed.

Language of love is about keep fallin' in love with our spouse when he/she did something miserable. At that time, it's gonna be tough for us to keep smiling pretending there's nothing happen. And that is the most challanging-time to conquer our egoes and sincereness. By telling him/her that she/he was wrong, by showing him/her the right thing to do do repair the mistakes, and not to forget ... to forgive him/her before she/he asks apologize.

Language of love ...
Totally about talk with your heart [not jut talk through your heart] and let your spouse get the same preview on their mind.

17th South Victory - Street
15/2/2008 2.53 PM
Free-day when the emotion comes up because of 1 word : v*******e .
in a deep love feeling to my spouse. I love you Mas ... plis forgive me.

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